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I've had the chance to use the MADNESS shift and e-brake boots and figured I'd share some information, for what it's worth.

My Abarth 124 Spider has just about everything stitched in red; the cowl over the gauge cluster, the dash, the seats, the steering wheel, and the e-brake itself. I thought it was rather strange that two very easy items, the shifter boot and e-brake boots were not red stitched. Fortunately, Madness Autoworks had a solution to that problem.

I'm the kind of guy who likes a nice looking interior. After all, that's what I directly feel and see whenever I'm driving, not so much the exterior of the vehicle. The genuine Italian leather these boots are made of really make the 124 Spider feel more refined and aesthetically unified. Over the months, the material has held up well, as it should, and really feels like it belongs there.

If you're looking to step up the interior quality and feel of your 124 Spider, this should be on your mod list.

Instructions for installation can be found here:



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