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First of all, many thanks to the Administrator/Moderator team for creating this new forum space. I've been hanging out around here for a few months now, learning a lot of great technical information and getting plenty of ideas for making things better on my Spider. Now that those things are complete, all that is left to do is... drive.:D And I bet that's what you think, too.

I am certainly no great author, but I do enjoy sharing the stories of my adventures, and I, for one, am hoping that my fellow board members will also share their adventures from the road. Evening cruises on favorite local roads, day trips outside of town, weekend getaways, or long expeditions. Tell your Spider-based travel stories. Where did you go? What inspired you? What was on your mind as you traveled along your journey? What sort of experiences did you have along the way? (Lodging, dining, tourism activities, good times and bad times, the truths and lies and exaggerations?) How was life with your travel companion (if applicable)? We all share the (relatively) same car, but how about the stories that result from logging miles with it? You don't need to be a great author, or even an okay author, to share your story, tell it like we're all just sitting around having a good time. Write the thoughts that race across your mind, it's a start. And toss in a few photos, too.

To help, I've enlisted the help of Google, and in just a fraction of a second I was provided with over 12 million ways (not an exaggeration) to help me write my travel stories. (Google is the best, wouldn't you agree? Uh...) Anyway, after reviewing all 12 million for you (a lie), I found three that had some pretty basic and easy tips to help you keep your thoughts straight along your journey (written and electronic formats) so you can tell us (or whatever social network you have) all about it later. In no particular order, they are:
You want to know about the other 12 million, look them up yourself. What am I, your personal assistant or something?

Happy Travels!
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