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Sat Nav map update issue.

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Now then folks, I purchased an updated map for Europe after following a link on a post on here and buying from AliExpress. The card is compatible with the Mx5 so I assumed all would be good.
However, after swapping the sd card and powering u, the system is saying I don't have navigation installed and to consult with a dealer. There are some Lat and Longs along the bottom of the screen. I then put the original sd card back I in and get the same screen. I have tried the Nav/mute reset but to no avail.
Have I missed something or have I buggered it up?
Any advice greatly appreciated.
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Even with our own BELOVED little SPYDERS, it all comes down to the ALMIGHTY FREAKIN DOLLAR for those spicey managers...(some)they do NOT CARE about loyalty or building a relationship, I have been trying just that with my local Fiat of Melbourne,FL., he has been the only one in 3 years to EVER pull up/down her panties and I would like to keep it that way. AND, I know this is all in MY HUMBLED OPINION and very likely to be wrong..There are MANY MANY MANY respectable technicians that know what the word "NO" means....
Hate to break it to you, but you own a SPIDER. :)
Really..............I mean REALLY......You wasted 5 seconds of your life to let someone know they misspelled a word. I think you should read YOUR post again, because it makes no sense what so ever....EH.!
OHHH, Canada, The tooth pick capital of the world , No wonder..........Spiderman
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