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Sat Nav map update issue.

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Now then folks, I purchased an updated map for Europe after following a link on a post on here and buying from AliExpress. The card is compatible with the Mx5 so I assumed all would be good.
However, after swapping the sd card and powering u, the system is saying I don't have navigation installed and to consult with a dealer. There are some Lat and Longs along the bottom of the screen. I then put the original sd card back I in and get the same screen. I have tried the Nav/mute reset but to no avail.
Have I missed something or have I buggered it up?
Any advice greatly appreciated.
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Although I agree about the initial intuitiveness, my 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee uConnect Nav doesn't even offer an update, so I might disagree with "the most cumbersome" somewhat, as the database is already 5 years old.
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Cal, I think there is a lawsuit in the works. Couple of years ago, Mopar offered an update USB drive on-sale for $99, and it was the same data file that our cars already had. I'm glad I researched it first and passed on the offer.

You are right - something is amiss. Other than the aging database, uConnect is pretty nice.
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