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Sat Nav map update issue.

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Now then folks, I purchased an updated map for Europe after following a link on a post on here and buying from AliExpress. The card is compatible with the Mx5 so I assumed all would be good.
However, after swapping the sd card and powering u, the system is saying I don't have navigation installed and to consult with a dealer. There are some Lat and Longs along the bottom of the screen. I then put the original sd card back I in and get the same screen. I have tried the Nav/mute reset but to no avail.
Have I missed something or have I buggered it up?
Any advice greatly appreciated.
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Hi. Is your original sd card genuine oem ?
Yes it is Arthur. The original came with the cat and has the Fiat label.
OK, I cleaned the contacts on the Fiat (original) sd card and refitted. Sat Nav came back on. There was a small delay while it loaded. Turned off head unit, cleaned the Mazda (Aliexpress) sd card, inserted it and the Sat Nav worked. It can on straight away. All my history and saved points were still there. How do I determine what version I am running. Had a fly around the menus but couldn't see anything.
Interesting that a card advertised as mx5 compatible worked. Good that it did though.
I shall let you know tomorrow. I'll leave my car overnight and drive it to work in the morning (18 miles) That'll give it a chance to shutdown fully and fire up again. On my way to work are some newish roads which were not showing on my original Mazda sd card.
This morning the Aliexpress sd card failed to load. I've refitted the oem Fiat sd card and all is good again.
Oh well never mind. I'll use the card and make a backup.
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