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Sat Nav map update issue.

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Now then folks, I purchased an updated map for Europe after following a link on a post on here and buying from AliExpress. The card is compatible with the Mx5 so I assumed all would be good.
However, after swapping the sd card and powering u, the system is saying I don't have navigation installed and to consult with a dealer. There are some Lat and Longs along the bottom of the screen. I then put the original sd card back I in and get the same screen. I have tried the Nav/mute reset but to no avail.
Have I missed something or have I buggered it up?
Any advice greatly appreciated.
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Good plan.... and anyone with an OEM or functional nav card really needs to invest $10 to create a copy of it and keep it tucked away as your backup plan if one fails. I have my OEM card, and two copies. Each time an update gets released, I update all three. The OEM gets tucked away in my study. One copy goes in the nav card slot in the car, and the other copy sits in the bottom of the centre console. So even if I experience a card failure when on a road trip, I've got a backup ready to pop in. It's the best and least expensive option to cover your bases. And as @Arthur noted, buying the 3 year update package is the best value proposition for ongoing content.
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Although I agree about the initial intuitiveness, my 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee uConnect Nav doesn't even offer an update, so I might disagree with "the most cumbersome" somewhat, as the database is already 5 years old.
Agreed. I've run nav systems in five vehicles now, as well as a Garmin portable unit, and they're all different. Once you make a modest amount of effort to learn how to use each one, they work well. They're only cumbersome if you don't learn how to use them, and that includes what can be delivered via a smartphone. The biggest challenge being if and for how long the updates can be acquired for content. So far, (with the exception of the brief battle we had with NaviExtras even recognizing our cards as something they supported), we've been well serviced with two updates per year. Going on 7 years and still content being made for them. I'm happy with that. Come April, when I anticipate the next update will be available, I'll need to spring for another 3 year access plan.

I'll admit I was almost shocked when another forum member noted that he couldn't acquire updates for his father's Jeep/Dodge/RAM vehicle, and now you've said you can't get them for your Grand Cherokee... a three year old vehicle. That's bordering on class action lawsuit territory. Something is amiss at Chrysler, and I wonder how much of that might be associated with their buy out/merger and the Stellantis group?
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Even with our own BELOVED little SPYDERS, it all comes down to the ALMIGHTY FREAKIN DOLLAR for those spicey managers...(some)they do NOT CARE about loyalty or building a relationship, I have been trying just that with my local Fiat of Melbourne,FL., he has been the only one in 3 years to EVER pull up/down her panties and I would like to keep it that way. AND, I know this is all in MY HUMBLED OPINION and very likely to be wrong..There are MANY MANY MANY respectable technicians that know what the word "NO" means....
Hate to break it to you, but you own a SPIDER. :)
Really..............I mean REALLY......You wasted 5 seconds of your life to let someone know they misspelled a word. I think you should read YOUR post again, because it makes no sense what so ever....EH.!
Really..............I mean REALLY......You wasted 5 seconds of your life to confirm you don't understand what you're talking about. lol

But because I care, I'll spend another five seconds to educate you, because what I wrote does make sense? In the car world, there are two terms used for soft-tops... Spyders and Spiders. They're not interchangeable.

Italian convertibles are typically named Spiders, simply because the letter Y doesn't exist in the Italian language. Other countries will brand their soft-tops as Spyders. It's really as simple as that. Here's an article on the topic from Autotrader that discusses it a bit, but you can find similar info with a quick Google search. You'll be happy to see that their article uses a photo of one of your cars at the top of the page. Autotrader - page unavailable

You're welcome, eh? :)
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OHHH, Canada, The tooth pick capital of the world , No wonder..........Spiderman
Always good to see you join in with your latest attempt at displaying some degree of wit. Sadly, another failure. But keep trying. We're here to support your dreams. :)
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