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Saw It!

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There was a blue one at the dealer's last week and I got a look-see. It had been so long since I sat inside a roadster that I think I was too dazzled to make a critical look at the cockpit. It felt great though! Of course it was a prndl, which to my eyes is kind of an awful thing to see in a sports car. I thought the top was very clever. One can raise or lower it from the driver's seat, with one hand. The front panel is stiff and becomes a "cover" when the top is down. So the whole operation takes, well, a lot less time than lowering a window. Of course, the cockpit is very small. This is a car one "wears," like a nice leather jacket, maybe. I think the Lusso trim is a good value for the small extra money it costs. Especially the "saddle" colored leather seats. Here in Florida, black seats in the sun become punishing to ease back into. In the presence, it looks like a proper roadster. I want mine badly but will try to wait for a road test from some credible source, preferably C/D.
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It should only be a matter of time before drive reviews starts pouring in if they are already on Florida showroom floors.
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