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Hi all,

New member here from San Francisco Bay Area. Last week received the red Abarth :)

I am a motorcycle fanatic, and though I love to drive as well, anything on four wheels never gave me such level of raw excitement that a bike can provide. I have to say that this little beast is the closest I've felt a car be to a bike as far as feeling connected to the road. My other car -- an m235i -- is also no slouch and is a driver's car in its own right, but it does not give you the connection to the road and feedback that this little roadster provides. Love the thing :)

Quite liked the Miata as well but there was no escaping the pull of the italian styling (as it goes with Italian bikes, too), and I do like this engine quite a bit more in the end. Suspension's more to my liking than that of the Club ND also.

The shade of red is absolutely stunning but I do share some of the concerns regarding the paint quality. Nothing deal-breaking for me but there were some issues straight from the dealer. I'll chime in on this in the separate Rosso paint thread. Here:


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