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I discovered a new way to have fun with the automatic today. Whenever I came to a stop and turned onto a new road, I floored the accelerator and short-shifted the automatic at 4,000 rpm. You are right in the meat of the torque curve and the shifts are lightning quick, as in blink-of-an-eye quick. There's no way anyone could shift the manual that fast. The rpm will drop about 850 rpm (my car is stock) and quickly hit 4,000 rpm again.

If you do this at 3/4 throttle, you can accelerate the car almost like a CVT at a constant rpm. I was not letting the rev counter go over 3,900 rpm. It was like Bang! 2nd Bang! 3rd Bang! 4th Bang! 5th. Felt like shifting a DCT.

On my next outing I will try short-shifting at 4,500 rpm.

For street driving at speeds up to say 75 mph, there's really no reason to wind out the motor beyond 4,500 rpm because the torque starts dropping off. What you need is torque, not horsepower, and short-shifting lets you keep the engine on the fat part of the torque curve. If you want to run at higher speeds, then of course horsepower comes into play and the peak at 6,000 rpm is needed to overcome increasing atmospheric drag.
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Using the paddles I assume?
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