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Hi, sorry if this is a repeated thread. I couldn't find any information regarding an issue I'm having. I updated my infotaintment from 56 to 70.00.1000 NA A version. I bricked my CMU. I had to remove the radio to be able to fix the CMU with a programer and I was able to reinstall the 70 version update. Everything is working exept that when I go to the the radio settings the Safety tab and the Vehicle tab are not displaying any options so its blank so I can no longer change the doors lock settings or how long the vehicle lights are on after I shut it of and some many other settings I lost. I hope someone can help. Maybe a plug I forgot to connect since I disconnected the radio and the usb hub along with the center console knob and the climate control? Maybe a driver or software I need to install to recover those settings? Please help!
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