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Sport mode

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For any 124 Abarth owners I have a question. I just took out an Abarth for a test drive, it was alot of fun but as far the that sport toggle goes, I could not see any indication whether or not it was on.
Now I need to find one with recaro seats to see if its worth the extra money !
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I've never driven ours in non-Sports mode. I've always hit the Sport button straight after the Start button. A hangover from the MiTo which was actually undriveable in any other mode than Dynamic.
I'm with you on this. The vague and ambiguous throttle pedal made me put it in sport mode as I was leaving the dealership for the first time. I havent driven it more than a few miles outside sport mode, and that's only because I forgot to turn it on, and then soon after fixed that.
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