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Sport mode

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For any 124 Abarth owners I have a question. I just took out an Abarth for a test drive, it was alot of fun but as far the that sport toggle goes, I could not see any indication whether or not it was on.
Now I need to find one with recaro seats to see if its worth the extra money !
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ALL the media reviews state four things change with Sports Mode
- Engine mapping
- Auto trans
- ESP sensitivity
- Steering weighting

The Abarth is equipped with a Sport button and when engaged the Abarth's throttle response is more aggressive, and the engine's 184lbs-ft of torque is now available at 2500 rpm, 700 rpm lower than when not in Sport mode and the other Spider models. Classica and Lusso models do not have a Sport button. By comparison, these other models make 169lbs-ft of torque at 2500 rpm, 15 lbs-ft less than the Abarth in Sport mode at the same rpm.

In Sport mode, automatic transmission shift calibrations are also changed, and gears are held longer, and shifts are made quicker. Steering calibration is also modified, and stability control settings have more oversteer dialed in for an even sportier handling feel.
OK, now I'm wondering if there's a way to hack the map in the Lusso to get the Sport mode? Or am I in dreamland here?
Not at all. If I get an ECU/DSG tune on my Golf that is basically what it does ( apart from the ESC recalibration). You're just paying for the privilege.
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