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NEW VIDEO is LIVE! In this video, we show you how to install the System One by Magnaflow Exhaust System on a Fiat 124 Spider Abarth.

Tools Needed:

3/8” Socket Wrench
3/8” Extension
Exhaust Pliers
10mm Socket
12mm Socket
11mm Deep Socket
12mm or 13mm Deep Socket
15mm Deep Socket
12mm Wrench
13mm Wrench
15mm Wrench
22mm Wrench
Electric Impact
PB Blaster or similar lubricant

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can you get the straight pipe if you already have the magnaflow?
The System One comes with both already, you just swap in whichever you want to use.
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can you get the straight pipe if you already have the magnaflow?

This thread is about our SystemOne, which is made by Magnaflow for us, but should not to be confused with the Magnaflow branded exhausts for these cars. As noted by last post, if you have SystemOne then you already have both the resonator section for midpipe AND the straight pipe. If you have Magnaflow branded exhaust, none of this switching out resonator/straight pipe applies to what you have.
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