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It occurred to me, that although I have written quite a few tech articles for new Fiats and Alfas, they are scattered around various forums. It's time to fix that. I am putting them all on the Eurocompulsion site. Over the next week or so I should be able to get them all on.

So far I have put up:

1. Fiat 1.4T oil change.
2. Fiat/Alfa Dyno testing issues and solution
3. Alfa Romeo 4C engine parts 1, 2, and 3, covering the VVT system, Bottom end, and Turbo systems respectively.
4. Alfa Romeo 4C Carbon Fiber Chassis.

I'll be adding: brake servicing (pad and rotors), 1.4T boost control, 1.4T misfire diagnosis, self tuning guidelines, water injection and more.

The articles are here:

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