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Today the dealer gave the Lusso manual and I was with a friend driving for 45 minutes.

Felt younger again>:)

Seating is great, I had no time to look at the buttons and gadgets cause I was too concentrated on the road and being the first time driving this car, all my focuses was needed on the road.
Car responses very quickly on the shifting, I expected a more shorter shifting but hey was not bad, just have to get use to it. Its over 30 years I have not had a manual car.

Curves and turning very precise and no swading.

Engine noise, I expected a more rumble, but noise level in the car was good. I was able to conversate with my friend beside me.

I would not use this car as an everyday car. Since I am retired I can use it all summer. LOL

some thing I have to get use to it is the speedometer, the tachometer is more pronounced but need to look at the speed. Don't want to get speeding tickets.

In all I was very happy and glad I that I had bought the car.

He drove the car, and since he had driven the Audi A4, he to noticed the shifting was a little to desire. Over all he also liked it.
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