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Top Gear TV review of 124 Spider

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Anyone else see this on the old fashioned UK TV channel BBC2 on Sunday 19 March? It started off with Matt LeBlanc driving an "old" yellow 124 Spider and seemingly enjoying it, trying to fool us into thinking he was in Italy, and then he pulls up alongside a red "Fiat 124 Spider Abarth" (no heritage stripe and Fiat badge on the steering wheel) which gave the game away as as far as him being in the USA instead. He pulls up into a street cafe and orders a coffee and then fesses up about not being in Italy, and also fessing up about the 124 Spider being an MX5 (Miata) in drag, rather labouring the point in fact. He then dismisses the car as being overpriced at £30k and at the end all the presenters smugly agree that they hate it. Like most journo's they've all missed the point about the proper Fiat version, and how that offers a sensible and better looking alternative to the lower capacity MX5/Miata, but I do have to find myself agreeing that in the UK at least, the Abarth is over-priced.

But the worst thing for me about the review was the shot looking forward over the bonnet (hood) with the sun reflecting off it, going round a corner, highlighting the terrible swirl marks and scratches in the red paint.
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The new Top Gear is unwatchable. Long live the Grand Tour.
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