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Traffic and other Infotainment limitations

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I don't know if it's the same in the US, but over here in the UK the Navigation only comes with "historical" traffic information, which seems pretty useless to me? I was annoyed to find that the "Live Traffic" option was greyed out. This was not how the system was sold to me when thinking about buying ("free maps for life based on TomTom with traffic included" was what I was told).

But last night I got it to work! Whilst parked in the garage I switched on the WiFi and connected to my home network. I found that I could now get live traffic and weather, but not any petrol (gas) stations. I was thinking how useless that was when it occurred to me that of course I can set up a WiFi hotspot on my phone, and the phone can provide the data connection. And that's what it says on the website, as well as stating that map updates are only free for 3 years after "locking" to the car after 100km/63miles.

I've found a few other limitations as well...

Not all of my contacts are imported, including the guys at the Fiat dealer that I bought the car from. On the infotainment website it says only up to 1,000 contacts are imported. I thought I only had around 700, but with all the extra ones that Google makes up from emails etc, I've got well over 1,000 and I think that some of the more recently added/edited contacts are not imported. Looks like I will need to trim down my contacts list, there are lots of people in there that I can't remember!

Whilst there is a list of "all calls" and "missed calls" there's no "calls made" list or "calls received" list, and when showing a contact, it doesn't show whether it is mobile, home or work, so when I select the entry, I don't know which number it will call?

When playing back music from a USB stick, the system annoyingly uses the manufacturer's "name" rather than the label I gave to the stick, and still fails to display some of the album art.

On a lot of menus or options, where the "wheel/joystick" can be used to move left/right or up/down, once it hits the end it stays there, so if I want to find "ZZ Top" in my contacts, I can't go "backwards" from A, I have to go all the way forwards to Z.
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(1) Traffic updates via internet are reported to be free for only 60 days, then requires a subscription.
subscription from where??

what screen is turning on wifi located, i popped out to my car on my lunch break and can not seem to find anyplace to turn that off or on?
Settings - Devices - Network Management
I then get 3 choices: Wi-Fi, Other Network and Delete Wi-Fi Network
If I select Wi-Fi it then shows my previously connected home network
In my impatience the other day I couldn't see any Wi-Fi network so I went to enter the network Name/SSID manually along with password, but all I needed to do was wait a little longer
i went back and looked at that screen i do not have that option only bluetooth. I actually turned on wifi hotspot on my phone and then started car and waited 5 minutes to see if it something would change and it did not. i guess state side we don't have that option turned on, wonder if someone has a tweak to make that happen.
actually went to the US fiat connect website and it list a whole array of features and settings that i do not have on my car and i don't think any 124 has state side but that the MX-5 does have. it seems liek they did and cut and paste from mazda and haven't fixed it to match what we have. one of the setting is lane departure anyone with a 124 have this in the US?
Yes there is. See my blog comment #6.
thnx for the heads up i will look at that!
Yes there is. See my blog comment #6
if i use v1.51 do i need to anything special before, like undoing changed in v1.50? or just proceed. also any change i made previous i assume do not need to reselect the mods i did before only add on the new ones?
1.51 is the same as 1.50, only the WiFi code was fixed and it recognizes the Fiat OS so it installs more options. No need to reselect options already installed, as nothing will change. Take care not to try the riskier options though, like Android Auto...
thnx! downloaded it and extracted and my dang virus program keeps deleting a file. just doesn't like something about it, lol i turned off virus and tried to extract again and the program brings up a bunch of files not found. guess will have to do a fresh download, [email protected]#
i use firfox and i get that same message and bypass that but this was after it was already downloaded onto the hard drive. Norton scans every file after it is downloaded before i have access to it to. It did not seem to scan/flag the zipped file. but once i extract it, right after that completes, norton throws up a message box that it automatically deleted files. it was easy just to disable the virus program until i have finished what i wanted to do. but i will need to store the files on a memory stick or something instead of the hard drive so if i need them they will be intact still.
i did that initially but it seemed to ignore that request. i don't think i will use the program often enough that it will be too much trouble just to give norton a time out when i want to mess with it.

as far as the tweaks, that did enable the wifi on the car, yah. i did put the darker image that ameridan posted of the old n new 124 witht he blue highlights. it was hard to make out anything in daylight but better at night. i think if the dead space at the top was at the bottom and the cars at the top you would appreciate the pic more.
well if i watch the radio as it boots the picture is lighter in color until fully booted and then it throws a grey mask over top of the picture. i am not so worried about the daytime picture. but i was wondering if it truly does throw a grey filter over the picture, maybe i can just use the original photo, though i do like the blue accents more than the red ones, to and see what happens, i just need to convert it to png which i have to take home to do as my work computer is very limited on what it does.
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