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**** Travel Alerts

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Hi all... Being new to this game of lovely cars.. Can someone please help me to turn of the **** Travel Alerts... I have turned TA off... turned off alerts in the Sat Nav...even set the radio so it doesn't roam but the alerts still keep happening. Can anyone help? Thank you :)
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Oh sorry - there you are. Its a message through the speakers - like a radio announcement. Giving local road information.
Err yeah I got that too
this is just traffic alerts.. got a warning light on now too. Not having the best of days with new car
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Thank you... I have had a warning light come on this evening too... so it's back at the garage tomorrow.... I'll ask them their opinion too... not a great day for the new car today
Hello again. Well embarrassing as it is my 'warning light' issue was not a problem.. it was a light that should have been there .. so that problems is resolved.. I have spent the day in the car with no travel announcements. I went through all of the tick boxes on the radio setting and changed them from what they were to their opposite.. for the time being it appears to have worked... thanks you for your interest it's very appreciated
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