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What type of LSD does the Abarth use? Clutch pack or Torsen? I did a quick google and downloaded the brochure but all it says is "mechnical".

OP, what is your intended usage?

If competition maybe wait for OS-Giken to produce a differential for this platform - being based on the MX5 I expect there will be one available eventually.

If it's a street car and/or "light competition" then the factory LSD will be fine (clutch or Torsen) and probably preferred.

A Torsen can be annoying at 10/10ths but tame. The clicking/squirming with traction breaking and high G cornering is kind of annoying. By high Gs I mean 1.0~1.4 G.

Clutch packs need maintenance - I'd prefer a Torsen personally.

OS-Giken is awesome but noisy almost everywhere. :)

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