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What are your Spider Plans for Spring?

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My car has been sitting in pieces in the garage for over six weeks. A truly miserable ice covered winter ran rampant over my big-boy toy plans.
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To add insult to injury, our end-of-winter ice storms were followed by thunderstorms and >50 MPH winds. Dallas, my home, sits in the middle of a very large, flat prairie. If the wind blows, it's either packing dust, pollen or both. In addition to replacing an attic roof turbine that is now probably somewhere in Canada, I have some serious detailing work to get all the dust off of and out of the car. Only then can the Android upgrade, interior updates, miscellaneous tweaks, and re-assembly get done.

And now I have a deadline. I've been invited to join @alltimesaresoon, @mtnghost and a few others to drive the Devil's Highway in Arizona in April. Which means I have about three weeks to complete all my projects.

So that is what I'll be doing with my Spider this weekend (and probably the next two as well).
What are your spring Spider plans?
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Planning to get the updated injectors and go to the higher output phase 3 tune. Will likely do wheels and tires too.
What injector size are you planning to go with? The reason I ask is I'm getting some interesting feedback regarding larger injectors on the Discord Fiat forum.

A bit of background. I'm seriously considering a 1440+ turbo upgrade. In my email communications with EC, they state that for maximum HP, they recommend upgrading to 550cc injectors as their testing showed the factory injectors were being maxed out.

When I mentioned this injector upgrade recommendation on the discord forum, I received numerous comments stating the larger injectors were a recipe for disaster. In a nutshell, multiple members reported that after years of running 1440+ turbos with V3 tunes without issue, they experience engine failures after upgrading to larger injectors.

I don't know all the prerequisites of swapping injectors on a V3 tune or if they were followed. But it did made me think. The stock injector is 330cc. If the V3 tune is maxing out the injector, then shouldn't a 390cc, with just under 20% more flow be the logical size? I can't help but think how replacing the stock injectors with versions almost 70% larger would introduce some tuning issues.

To be clear, I'm not trying to dissuade you from the larger injectors. I'm just sharing what I've heard while researching my turbo upgrade project. If the discord chatter is all just finger pointing after an unexpected engine failure, I would be happy to have EC jump in and share their thoughts. I want all the information I can to ensure a solid HP boost without putting reasonable reliability in jeopardy. A hot weekend fun car, not a maximum HP ticking track bomb.
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Here's a startup video after 192 days to show my spring plans coming home!


Congratulations! I know the rebuild has been a long, hard, delay filled road. Happy to see your car up and running again!
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