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What is this sound?

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When I shut off the engine (push button in off mode), I notice a high pitch electronic tone that persists for a minute or so, and then shuts off. Any clue what this sound is? Anybody else notice it? It's probably on the upper end of frequency that most of us can hear, so the sound might be there even if you can't hear it.
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I'm getting

I'm getting the same sound but it seems to be coming from the fuse panel.
It's not coming from your fuse panel. It is, as described earlier in this thread, a circulation pump that runs in some (not all instances) when you shut down the engine to help cool down the turbo to prevent damage. It's normal, and my existing Abarth Spider does it (all our cars do), and my prior 500 Abarth did exactly the same thing as well. Northing to worry about.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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