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Wheel spacers...15mm OK on OEM wheels for clearance?

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If I go with 15mm spacers (per side), is there sufficient clearance within the wheel to house the protruding nuts from the spacer?

I have read as much as I can and will liklely go with Eibach system 4 or DRMs, but I know for 15mm in particular that there needs to be sufficient cutout inside the wheel to house the stud.

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You will need longer wheel studs to safely use a 15mm spacer.
Just to be clear I am talking about spacers like the ones i linked. They bolt to the hub, then the wheel bolts to the pressed studs in the spacer.

The issue is the original studs protrude from the spacer, but by how much for 15mm and will they recess into the wheel pockets of the standard 17 inch lusso wheels?...

My measurements look ok but was hoping someone had done it...before I order

I don't see how 15mm is enough to recess the factory stud and bolt to properly allow your wheel to sit flush. I do not have direct experience with this system, however, so I could be mistaken.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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