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Wheel spacers...15mm OK on OEM wheels for clearance?

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If I go with 15mm spacers (per side), is there sufficient clearance within the wheel to house the protruding nuts from the spacer?

I have read as much as I can and will liklely go with Eibach system 4 or DRMs, but I know for 15mm in particular that there needs to be sufficient cutout inside the wheel to house the stud.

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I strongly goes against using spacers that bolts on to the hub
15mm spacers on OEM studs should be fine,
AP racing uses 15mm spacers on their OEM MX5 BBS Wheel to clear their big brake kit
I would also just invest a set of wheels with smaller spacers or no spacers

Finally..why do you need spacers
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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