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Winter Tyres

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Just ordered a Lusso - collecting it in a few weeks' time.

Winter is coming, as they say. I'm intending to buy some winter tyres (UK resident here). Anyone else? Any recomendations (17").

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To my Canadian and Northern American cousins- anybody looked into winter tires yet?
So far, I have found three that are recommended for the 17" Lusso - Pirelli Sottozero 3, Nokian R2 and Blizzaks. We don't get much snow here, more slushy rain and ice so looking for a grippier tire.
If it snows, staying in the garage!
Snow in Vancouver

Yep, also convinced about the 16' in the mean time. I didn't go to the dealer but went to KalTire instead and the guy recommended 195/55R16 Nokian Nordman 5 91T XL tires. He also had Michelin X-ice Xi3 for slightly more. He still recommended the Nokian's over Michelin.
Michelin seems softer (less noise) and a better grip on dry road versus the Nokian's more noise, better grip on ice and snow but less on dry road.
He also had the Nokian R2 (seems to be the best) but only 1 in stock and wasn't sure he could back order them.
All cleaned up with new Nokia R2's. Went with 17" but 215 rather than the summer 205's. Handle great, no road noise, and the next day couple of inches of snow arrived. Handled great but my commute is short and flat, no hills. Will look for new rims in the Spring.


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Now have 4-6" + of snow in Vancouver area. Goes great in the flatlands, haven't tried any serious hills yet. Brakes well with the ABS, straight line.


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