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Winter Tyres

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Just ordered a Lusso - collecting it in a few weeks' time.

Winter is coming, as they say. I'm intending to buy some winter tyres (UK resident here). Anyone else? Any recomendations (17").

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To my Canadian and Northern American cousins- anybody looked into winter tires yet?
So far, I have found three that are recommended for the 17" Lusso - Pirelli Sottozero 3, Nokian R2 and Blizzaks. We don't get much snow here, more slushy rain and ice so looking for a grippier tire.
If it snows, staying in the garage!
I suggest you get Winter ICE TIRES, not SNOW TIRES. Here Winters get very cold and we get plenty of snow, but living in the city, we put WINTER ICE TIRES, cause snow gets plowed and removed quickly. But at stops or intersections ground gets icy, therefore you need a thread and compound that sticks to the ground.

SNOW TIRES are use mainly in rural areas, where the snow stays on the ground for a good while.
Living in Canada and winter is on the way... Did anyone buy new 17" rims for winter tires already?
I like the Lusso wheels and I'm planning to go to the dealer again tomorrow to see if I can order a second set of these for my winter tires.
Anyone has any better suggestions?
Suggestions for decent winter tires are also welcome. Driving in the winter will be 2% on snow and 98% on clean roads but cold (-20C, -4F is very normal here in Jan-Mar)
Since Lusso and ABarth are low profile tires, I suggest you go with 16" rims and a bigger size tire. Cause due to low profile, and plenty of pot holes due to sudden weather changes and also the snow plow, you may end up damaging your rims.

Get Winter ICE tires, well known brands. (pirelli, toyo, Michelin and so on.)
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