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Oh no! Have you given up on getting this to work on your new car?

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  • But a clever person might want to make a little cover to hide the bolt base, right?

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World’s best 124 bike rack for sale

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$750 picked up in upstate NY.

  • front crossbar that is largely a permanent fixture on the car. This bolts to the hardtop mount points.
  • 3 custom bike trays. For the right side of the vehicle it is wheel off. For the left side of the vehicle you can use wheel on or wheel off.
  • 4 locking zip ties for locking the wheels to the bikes when using wheel off.
  • various keys for

The setup is stupendously practical allowing for full trunk access and soft top operation with the bikes on. It also allows for just driving in to most garages without having to worry about extra height or width.

The forward edge of the bike trays mount on the crossbar mentioned above. The rear of the bike trays are held on with SeaSucker suction cups. In my years of experience with SeaSuckers I recommend getting some ppf for the areas where they will be on the car.

The right side bike tray has a cutout for the antenna.

Trays can be fully mounted to the car in under 30 seconds each. I never left them mounted - they went in when I drove bikes somewhere but I removed them when home.

I would be happy to assist with installation. I’d even give you some small amount of ppf you could use. It’s black.
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Not for me personally but thats pretty cool and should really be a team car in the Tour De France !
Just be the car for the team leader. Two bikes is enough
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