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Not one person has ever asked, "Is that a Fiat?" Some do ask, "What is that?" Fiat 124 Spider Abarth is my reply. Friday while at Rural King picking up cracked corn for the Deer a couple of younger guys in a Dodge pickup truck followed me into the parking lot, parked about four spaces away and we just taken back by the car. Their conversation started with "Sir" Three times they said the car was lovely.

Yesterday I saw a newer Miata coming toward me and the driver started giving me the two finger over the top of the steering wheel wave, retracted the wave and then figured what the heck and half heartedly lifted the two fingers again. It was as if he thought it was another Miata but the front view of the Abarth is nothing like the Miata.

I'm not one that likes to draw attention to myself but this is kind of fun!
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