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WTB Rear Sway Bar from Classica or Lusso

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I would like to purchase the rear sway bar from a classica or lusso if anyone has one sitting around.
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Thanks for posting Julia! I added details and link to your post, in my Suspension specs. The front sway bar is solid, right? also hollow (I based this on the Progress sway bar description), right?
Hi Ameridan,
I have a small eXcel spreadsheet on all the bar data, but cannot attach that type file to this message
I messaged you with my email address ;)
Julia DeGrace, that particular feature of this (XenForo) forum software needs work. I won't bother trying it out again - it shows that when I "messaged" you, that I started some conversation with you, but who knows how to get to it? Anyways, it is danadkins at msn dot com.
I added Julia's Xcel file to my blog, added a link to it in my Suspension Specs, and here is a link to it:
some questions:
1) Cusco rear show up as 1.5 - 2.0x stiffer on EC site; not 3.25?
2) you show classica as 1.6x stiffer than Abarth? they're supposed to be softer?
3) you show Progress rear as 17.5mm solid; EC site lists as 16mm solid?

I made the changes as I thought they should be. I'll fix any that are wrong later. ;)
1 - 4 of 24 Posts
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